Who we are

Nuevo Sendero, Inc. is a public 501(c)3 non-profit organization established in 2007, with our headquarters in Orlando, Florida. The organization is primarily supported through volunteers and contributions from local supporters in our community.


We are dedicated to promoting and maintaining public awareness of domestic violence, sexual abuse and family relationships. These services are pro-vided through education, family coun-seling, workshops and other special programs to the families and youth in our community.


We primarily work with hispanic families of diverse backgrounds in several communities in Orange, Osceola and Volusia Counties.

Our Mission

To restore and encourage victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse to become self-sufficient and to proceed in life toward a healthier future. The organization fulfills its mission through prevention, awareness, educational workshops, counseling sessions, support groups and conferences.

Assist at least 3,000 family members each year in central Florida who confront domestic violence and sexual abuse.

The creation of support groups for women and children in Central Florida with a public place where they can meet, providing a safe environment, such as, but not limited to:
• Beauty salons.
• Libraries.
• Community Centers, parks, etc.
• Churches.
• Civic organizations, such as: Casa de Puerto Rico, The Borinqueña Association and other ethnic organizations.

Provide different workshops and conferences throughout the year with counselors and professionals who provide assistance to the victims of these abuses.
Recommend and help families relocate when necessary.

The creation of different alliances and governmental associations including the State, the districts, the cities, the departments and the agencies, private foundations and individuals to increase public awareness, support and contribute to diminish the crimes in these areas.

Our History

Throughout the past nine years, the executive director has developed strong relationships with various public and private businesses within the community, through their referral system. In this new chapter, the organization’s primary focus will be to assist domestic violence and Sexual Abuse victims by providing the following services: Relocation Assistance which includes providing assistance and referrals to individuals in need of relocation and housing and counseling and outreach and prevention to victims.


With a passionate and driven executive director such as Mrs. Diana Mejia, who first hand has experienced the impact of domestic violence; the positive effect her efforts will make in the lives of those she serves, will impact an entire community. Mrs. Mejia is prepared to provide an avenue that victims can lead a purposeful and productive life even after the traumatic circumstances they’ve faced. Furthermore, Mrs. Mejia has put her heart and soul into this organization and is willing to do whatever possible to help these victims and provide them with hope for the future.

We are Nuevo Sendero


Dr. Diana Mejía

President, Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Doctorate in Ministries Leadership – Praxis International Institute, Minneapolis, MN.
Master of Ministry in Clinical Counseling – Revelation University, Miami, FL.
Bachelor of Ministry in Theology & Biblical Studies – Revelation University, Miami, FL.

Dr. Diana Mejia provides advocacy and support services for victims and survivors of domestic violence and abuse for a diversity of situations relating to both individual cases and families. Dr. Mejia is blessed to have developed a strong support team at el Nuevo Sendero who take pride in partnering their efforts to provide the available resources, dynamics, and education to help clients better their lives and accomplish plans for continued development.

Dr. Diana Mejia is a strong activist for Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse Advocacy for Change, aiming to create an highlighted awareness to municipal and government agencies that there is a dire need for change in policies and legislation to enhance education and services that protect victims and survivors of violence and sexual abuse.

Dr. Diana Mejia has an extensive track record of well over 18 years in serving the culturally diverse population of Orlando, FL which is comprised primarily of Hispanic women and their children, whom Dr. Mejia has been able to mentor, teach, support and advocate for. As a prevention practitioner provider, she continues to help families affected by sexual violence in management of culturally relevant services, including immigrant communities, faith- based organizations, seminars, and culturally specific programs geared to prevent sexual violence.

Dr. Diana Mejia has implemented the Hispanic Institute of Human Behavior, coordinated the Community Arts for Healing programs, directed community healing therapies, and created and facilitated conferences and workshops on sexual violence, providing education and prevention regarding sexual abuse at national and international levels.


Olga Aymat

Vice President

Social Communications & International Oratory – John Maxwell University

Olga Aymat is a Social Communicator with a specialty in International Oratory obtained from John Maxwell University.

Olga Aymat is the Keynote Anchor for Telenoticas 31, a leading television viewed news program in Central Florida, which is a Class A television station licensed to Orland, FL owned and operated by Telemundo. Aymat has been part of Telemundo Orlando since 2009 and received the “Personality of the Year” award from the Premios Paoli in 2018. She is an active supporter and advocate against domestic violence and human trafficking.

Olga Aymat has made several very important special reports highlighting the social issues of human trafficking, adolescent drug addiction and epidemics, leading her to obtain several recognitions for her commitment to journalism & communications keeping the vast community in Central Florida fully informed and aware. Amongst the many awards for outstanding achievement and recognition Olga Aymat has received the Hispanic Journalist Award (2018); El Josco Communications Award (2016); Guest of Honor Recognition Florida Puerto Rican Chamber of Commerce (2016); Premios Paoli Best News Anchor Award two-time winner; Coqui de Oro Communications Award (2014); Media Award for Florida Emergency Preparedness Association (2013); National Puerto Rican Award (2013), and the Paloma de la Paz International Award (2008).


Francisco Catalan


NFP Management Certificate, Edyth Bush Institute in Rollins College, FL

Certified NFP Professional

Francisco Catalan has a 20+ years track record in Accounting and Finance, coupled with Not-for-profit education and management assistance to government officers, churches, filings for 501(c)3 agencies, supporting his professional work and expertise with the necessary Certifications in financial reporting and tax compliance.

  • Accounting and professionally associated with Local Government Agencies (City of Leesburg, FL; City of Winter Park, FL
  • CGFO Certification for Government Officers developing a better understanding with issues related GASB and Fund Accounting for Government.
  • Churches and other NFP’s: Assisting on their Board of Directors on a volunteer basis; Filed Federal Tax Exemption Applications for other NFP’s, mostly for 501(c)3; Filing IRS Form 990.
  • Certified Not-for-Profit (NFP) Professional: Certificate and badge of Not-for-Profit I, from the AICPA & CIMA in October 2019 (expanding the FASB related issues to NFP).

Anna Jimenez


Master’s Degree in Communications and Management – University of Seville, Spain.

Anna Jimenez is a journalist who specializes in Multimedia, and whose professional experience has earned her

several awards, and over nine nominations in the different categories of the Golden Microphone, achieved the Professional Excellence Award from the Youth Ministry, and was awarded for her excellence in Public Relations.

Anna Jimenez is currently the CEO of the communications agency, Kleverlink USA. She is currently the editor and host of the Adventure Link Magazine, the Radio Show. She is a member of the Board of Directors of the Fuente de Salvacion Radio Station; Adompretur-Florida; the Florida Chapter of the Circle of Dominican Broadcasters.

Anna Jimenez is the Associate Editor and Editorial Advisor of the Soy Caribe Premium Magazine (Spain), holds membership in various professional associations, and is an ambassador for non-profit institutions.


Maribel Gomez Cordero

Government Advisory Commissioner

Master’s Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling – Webster University

Commissioner Maribel Gomez Cordero earned a master’s degree from Webster University in Clinical Mental Health Counseling specializing in Marriage and Family. Throughout her career, she has worked for the Children’s Home Society and the Department of Children & Families, in the capacity of Case Manager and Dependency Unit Supervisor, as well as for Life & Work Solutions Counseling as a Clinical Therapist.

Commissioner Gomez Cordero is very passionate about serving within her community. She has been very dedicated to helping families experiencing crisis by providing necessary social services support and resources to individuals, families, and groups. Her undying efforts, dedication and service have been recognized and commended on several occasions by the Orange County Central Florida community. In 2002, she was honored by the Florida Coalition for Children of Central Florida, when she was presented with the “A Person That Makes A Difference” Award, recognized and distinguished by the Education Foundation for the Advancement of Child Welfare. The Honorable Congressman Alan Grayson and the United States of America Congressional Record 2014 presented Commissioner Gomez Cordero with the “Special Congressional Recognition for Outstanding and Invaluable Service to the Community” Award.

Commissioner Gomez Cordero is the Director of the Counseling, Coaching and Mentoring Department at CDA Orlando. She serves as an Advisor and Board Member at Nuevo Sendero, a corporation established to provide social services and support to victims and survivors of domestic violence and abuse. She facilitates conferences and support

groups based on mental health issues, and she teaches Leadership and Counseling classes at the Multicultural Theological Institute AOG. She continues to follow her passion for serving the community at large.

Dr. Nidia Medina

Mental Health Advisory

Doctorate Degree in Clinical Psychology – Pontifical Catholic University of PR

Dr. Nidia Medina is a specialized mental health counseling professional who has provided services to both individuals, groups, children, adolescents, couples, and families since the year 2000. She has achieved a PhD, Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, from the Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico, is a Certified Life Coach specializing in family cases, and whose current practice encompasses an Evaluator in Mental Health, a Mental Health

Targeted Case Manager Supervisor, and a Family Minister.

Dr. Nidia Medina has collaborated in training teachers in Puerto Rico through its Department of Education, to instill the guidance and instruction in the techniques and strategies on educating students with learning disabilities and other problems associated with student life. She is highly skilled in training other professionals in executing protocols for the treatment of mental health and addiction problems for the youth. In addition to training professionals, she has been a professor at the Inter American University of Puerto Rico in the field of General Psychology undergraduate curriculum. Likewise, conducting workshops providing crucial information and instruction on violence prevention, use and abuse of controlled substances, character building & development, and bullying.


Dr. Carmen C. Capella Medina

Mental Health Advisory

Doctorate Degree in Clinical Psychology – Centro Caribeño de Estudios Postgraduados, PR

Dr. Carmen Capella has more than 23 years of working experience in the mental health field. A professional Puerto Rican woman having acquired a PhD, Doctorate Degree in Clinical Psychology from the Centro Caribeño de Estudios Postgraduados of Puerto Rico, Dr. Capella is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist. Her professional education expands to include a Post-Doctoral Certification in Ericksonian Hypnosis from the School of Medicine, in Ponce, PR.

Dr. Carmen Capella has been honored and commended for outstanding achievements throughout her student life and professional practice. She obtained her PhD and master’s degrees in Clinical Psychology from the Centro

Caribeño de Estudios Postgraduados, in Puerto Rico, where she graduated with high honors in both degrees of study. Upon completing her bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences with a major in Arts & Psychology from the Colegio de Artes Mecánicas in Mayagüez, PR, Dr. Capella was honored with the Elite Student of Social Sciences Award. Likewise, she received recognition for an outstanding performance during her Clinical Internship due to her excellence in academics and commitment to psychology.


Marta Matti Frias

Public Relations & Communications Director

Communications & Leadership, Major – Harvard University, USA

Marta Matti Frias is a Public Relations & Communications Specialist, Licensed Publicist, and specialized in Communications by the APEC University in the Dominican Republic. She holds two post graduate degrees in Public Relations Applied to Marketing, and Event Management & Production from George Washington University (USA). Her education is enhanced by a major in Communications & Leadership from Harvard University (USA), and in Spain,

she obtained her Communications Director Certification from the Universidad de Sevilla, and an International

Etiquette and Protocol Certification, from the Instituto de Protocolo, in Madrid.

Marta Matti Frias is host and producer of the “Vida Nueva Radio” program in Orlando’s iHeart La Mega 97.1 FM radio station in Florida. She is a Columnist for “El Nacional” Newspaper, and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the comprehensive “Miss Mundo Latina USA” Beauty Pageant, and Founder of the “Beautiful Inside Out” Organization.

Marta Matti Frias is a Certified Trainer and Coach from John Maxwell University, and is a skilled Emotional Intelligence Holistic Life Coach, coupled with providing counseling and training for professional and individual development, at individual and corporate levels in areas of Transformational Leadership, Image Impact, Entrepreneurship, Customer Service, and Comprehensive Communications.


Rev. Tomas Mejia

Community Director

Doctor of Ministry in Leadership, New York Theological Seminary, NY (graduate candidate)

Master of Ministry in Pastoral Clinical Counseling – Revelation University, Miami, FL

Rev. Tomas Mejia is the Ministerial Reverend of the ministry of Nuevo Sendero, Inc. He majored his Theological Studies in Asbury University (Orlando, FL), achieved his Master of Ministry in Pastoral Clinical Counseling from Revelation University (Miami, FL), and is currently a graduate candidate in New York Theological Seminary for his Doctorate of Ministry in Leadership.

Rev. Tomas Mejia has provided pastoral and counseling services in many churches in Florida (Orlando) and New York as part of his missionary ministry where he has been able to travel to different countries. His goal is his personal commitment and passion to promote healthy family life, by eradicating domestic violence against women. His commitment in accomplishing this goal is by providing counseling and education services to the men who are exercising violent behavior in daily family living.

Rev. Tomas Mejia is the Director of the Healing Communities Program developed by the Nuevo Sendero, Inc. ministry. In this very important task, he is providing the necessary education to congregations through workshops and seminars conducted in various Hispanic churches with the objective of promoting healthy living conditions for the entire family.


Dr. Zamira Colon

Training Director

Doctor of Ministry in Leadership, New York Theological Seminary, NY

Dr. Zamira Colon, born in New York City, holds a 15+ years track record in leadership, training, business administration, youth counseling, and family empowerment services.

Dr. Zamira Colon has facilitated workshops and instruction for women’s healthy social development. Encouraging education and entrepreneurship, she is the Founder of the Agape Family Center, Inc.

Dr. Zamira Colon achieved educational degrees of Ministry in the fields of Bachelor in Christian Counseling, and Master’s in Theology coupled with her strengths in church ministry and congregational support, she accomplished her Doctor of Ministry Degree from the New York Theological Seminary.


Mayra La Paz

Social Media Advisory

Mayra La Paz is a well-seasoned multimedia executive who has received numerous awards honoring her professional

trajectory specializing in Communications, Journalism, and Radio Production for over 26 years.

Mayra La Paz is an entrepreneur in public relations and advertising since 2003, who currently directs and is the President and Founder of the internationally circulated Portada Latina Magazine, Radio Show, and TV Live.

Mayra La Paz is an active member and marketing director of the “We the Women Movement” working to empower women into leadership through active education.

Clint Curtis

Program Director

Law Offices of Clint Curtis & Associates, Founder
Attorney at Law
Hispanic Americans Political Initiative, Officer
Domestic Violence Prevention and Counseling (non-profit), Board Member
Barry University School of Law; McGeorge School of Law; Cambridge University, England

Clint Curtis practices law professionally focused on Government Corruption Law, Veterans Law and Social Security Disability Law. With another six attorneys as part of the Law Offices of Clint Curtis & Associates, a law practice firm he founded, the practice extends to include Family, Bankruptcy, Wills, Trusts, Immigration, and Criminal Defense, amongst other areas of law.

Clint Curtis has dedicated an extensive number of hours providing services to the community, free of charge, including but not limited to workshops and legal assistance in the areas of Naturalization, Expungement, and Veterans Compensation claims. His professional contribution to the ministry and work of Nuevo Sendero, Inc. is instrumental to the support that we provide to victims of domestic violence and abuse.

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Support Group, Nuevo Sendero

Nuevo Sendero has a group of volunteers, ready to help the community and families, supporting and motivating them to produce the necessary changes in society.

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