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Art for Healing

Art for Healing – Children’s Program
This program promotes healing through the arts to children who have witnessed domestic violence. It’s an environment where children and youth can learn to express themselves, experience releasing their feelings through creative activity and learn how to prevent violence.


Art for Healing – Elderly program
The Elderly components of the Art for Healing Program is an exciting, educational and meaningful way for the seniors in the programs to grow and express themselves in a positive manner.


This Program provides services that promote or maintain senior Independence and/or create a social environment in which senior citizens can live independent, and healthy and productive lives.

Conferences, Workshops, Events and Radio

Nuevo Sendero provides seminars in under served community populations and families that do not speak English. We address domestic violence, stalking, dating violence, and sexual abuse.

Nuevo Sendero also has permanent once a week participation on Heart Radio Station 97.1 FM; promoting awareness and education on topics of Domestic Violence reaching over 500 Central Florida listeners.

Hispanic Institute of Human Behavior

The Hispanic Institute of Human Behavior (IHCH) was created as an answer to the imperious necessity to educate and create consciousness amongst the families in our society concerning Domestic Violence, Mistreatment and Sexual Abuse.

The IHCH in Orlando, Florida, introduces an ample and varied program of training and continuous education for professionals, leaders and volunteers who wish to prepare to effectively combat this societal evil that besieges our society.

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